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The African Health Monitor is a magazine of the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa (WHOAFRO) published four times a year (January, April, July and October). It is a multilingual publication with peer reviewed articles in English, French and Portuguese.

The aim of the African Health Monitor is to promote and facilitate evidence-based policy and decisions to strengthening programmes for health promotion, protection, and restoration in the African Region. In order to achieve its aim, the Monitor serves as a medium for publication of articles that monitor the health situation and trends, and track progress toward the health-related Millennium Development Goals and other internationally agreed-upon goals. It will publish and disseminate relevant and scientifically rigorous public health information. It will also disseminate information on public health interventions carried out in the Member States with the cooperation of AFRO technical programmes.

Prospective authors should follow the Monitor stylesheet, which can be obtained by sending an email message to the Editorial Office at AHM@afro.who.int. or by using this intranet link http://intranet.afro.who.int/guidelines/ ahm.pdf

Editorial Board

Lusamba-Dikassa, Paul (Editor-in-Chief)
Amazigo, Uche
Chatora, Rufaro
Diarra-Nama, Alimata J.
Imboua, Lucile
Ketsela, Tigest
Moeti, Matshidiso
Mwikisa Ngenda, Chris
Roungou, Jean-Baptiste
Toure, Bokar
Walker, Oladapo

Core Editorial Group

Kebede, Derege (Editor)
Zielinski, Chris (Chief Language Editor)
Asamoah-Odei, Emil (Deputy Editor-English)
Sanou, Issa (Deputy Editor-French)
Vaz, Rui Gama (Deputy Editor-Portuguese)
Soumbey-Alley, Edoh William (Deputy Editor-Statistics)
Zielinski, Chris (Chief Language Editor)
Ajibola, Samuel (News and Events Editor)

Editorial Office

Zielinski, Chris (Managing Editor)
Ajibola, Samuel (Production Manager)
Kouvividila, Wenceslas
Mandzoungou, Angele
Mavila, Firmine

Associated Editors

Abdulmumini, Usman
Agbodjan-Prince, Olga
Akanmori, Bartholomew
Alisalad, Abdikamal
Conombo, Ghislaine
Da Silveira, Fernando
Dangou, Jean-Marie
Drame, Babacar
Ferreira-Borges, Carina
Habimana, Phanuel

Keita, Bah
Ki-zerbo, Georges Alfred
Kirigia, Joses Muthuri
Kosia, Andrew
Louazani, Sidi Allel
Manga, Lucien
Masresha, Balcha
Maculan, Marianna
Mbondji, Peter Ebongue
Mensah, Patience

Mwinga, Kasonde
Mubila Likezo
Nganda, Benjamin
Nshimirimana, Deo
Ouedraogo, Louis
Pana, Assimawe Paul
Tshioko, Kweteminga
Tumusiime, Prosper

Photo Credits

© Laurence Layani: pages 10, 24, 29, 42, 44, 45, 60
© Panos Photo Agency: page 16
© UNHCR: page 3

The contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect official WHO views.

© WHO-AFRO. Articles may be reproduced for noncommercial purposes by citing at least the Authors' names, title of article, year of issue and name of magazine (African Health Monitor, World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa). For all other uses, permission for reproduction could be sought by sending an email request to the Editorial Office at AHM@afro.who.int.

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